Introducing Our New Blog!

The Coastal Society has celebrated 40 wonderful years of the Bulletin since Volume 1, Issue 1 in May 1976 – with a cover “President’s Corner” by none other than Maurice H. Schwartz. Over the years, the Bulletin has featured a variety of articles tracking the field of coastal management, highlighting events from around the society, and updating members on chapter happenings. It’s been a place to share excitement, keep up on current events, and celebrate TCS. Now we transition into a new era and launch our blog!

The blog is meant to fill the space of the Bulletin in an updated format. Members have the opportunity to write about their work, students can write about their research, and Board members can use it as a forum to make society announcements. We’ll send out email digests to the membership highlighting recent articles so everyone can keep up with the information.

If you have an idea for a blog topic, such as regular features on relevant news about legal issues, legislative action, international events, and coastal management strategies, please reach out to Caitlyn McCrary and she’ll work with you on the timing. We’re looking forward to this new chapter for TCS!

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