TCS Student Poster Award Program 2019

The Coastal Society actively supports opportunities for students to present research on emerging concepts and enrich the coastal community’s collective knowledge. Previously, TCS has presented awards for the best student poster and best student presentation at The Coastal Society’s biennial conferences. In 2019, TCS is offering awards to acknowledge the best student member posters that are submitted electronically. Through the electronic format, TCS is opening this opportunity to a larger number of its student members who might not otherwise be able to travel to an in-person conference venue. The guidelines for submittal of the electronic posters are presented below.

Three student awards will be presented in 2019, as follows:

The Coastal Society’s Thomas E.  Bigford Award

Award for Best Student Poster, 2nd-Place Student Poster, and 3rd-Place Student Poster

Award: Cash award and certificate ($250 Best/1st Place, $100 2nd Place, $50 3rd Place)

Eligibility: TCS members who were enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program between September 1, 2017 and June 1, 2019, presenting work that was performed as part of that degree program. (TCS membership dues for 2019 must be paid by poster submission deadline.)

Evaluation Criteria

  • originality/creativity of the research
  • quality/rigor of the research
  • contribution towards a broader understanding of a coastal issue
  • clarity/quality of the text and graphics
  • effectiveness of poster design/layout in communicating key points

Submittal Deadline

The deadline to submit poster materials has been extended to June 14th (at 3PM)

Submission Requirements and Format Guidelines

Three electronic files must be submitted via email to with subject line “2019 TCS Student Poster Entry” by the deadline above:

  1. PDF format of poster that is clearly legible at a 24” X 36” scale (or smaller) with a maximum file size of 20 Mb. All posters should include the following sections: (a) Title, (b) Abstract, (c) Introduction, (d) Methods, (e) Results, (f) Discussion/Conclusion.
  2. PDF format of an 8.5” X 11” scale document (minimum 12 pt font) with the following:
    • Poster title.
    • Student author information, including (a) First/last name, (b) Organization/affiliation, (c) E-mail address, and (d) Phone number.
    • All text from the poster, organized according to headings presented in the poster.
    • A full-length abstract if only a condensed version was included on the poster.
    • A complete reference list if only citations were included on the poster.
    • Note: Including poster graphics in this text document is not necessary and will not influence scoring.
  3. PDF format of a written statement from an appropriate reference (e.g., an advising professor) confirming that the work presented in the poster is exclusively or largely that of the student’s, and that it was performed while matriculated in a degree program.
    • The statement should include contact information for the reference, including (a) First/last name, (b) Organization/affiliation, (c) E-mail address, and (d) Phone number.
    • An e-mail from your reference, saved in PDF format, is acceptable if the above information is included.

Please use the following poster file-name convention:

Example: Nguyen_TCS2019_Poster_Virulent_Swamp_Gas

Please use the following text document file-name convention:

Example: Nguyen_TCS2019_Text_Virulent_Swamp_Gas

Please use the following reference confirmation letter file-name convention:

Example: Nguyen_TCS2019_Confirm_Virulent_Swamp_Gas

By submitting your entry, you agree to allow The Coastal Society to list your name as an award recipient and make your poster content available for public view.

Award Date and Notification:

TCS anticipates announcing the award recipients on SEPTEMBER 1, 2019. Award recipients will be notified via email and asked to confirm the address where their checks and certificates should be sent.


While not a requirement, please send an email to with your interest in submitting a poster by May 15. You will then be kept up to date on any clarifications or changes to the submittal guidelines, and receive an occasional reminder of the submittal deadline. Any questions about this event may also be sent to the email address above; responses to individual questions may be provided to the entire group of potential participants.


To download these instructions as a PDF, click here.