Oregon State University

Oregon State University Chapter of The Coastal Society


The Coastal Society at OSU is a place where students who love the coast can come together to form a community. We are graduate and undergraduate students who seek to enhance the health of coastal ecosystems through action, dialogue, communication, and education. We aim to increase public understanding of coastal issues through hosting educational talks and networking events, and organizing coastal clean ups. We will also be stewards of the coast by partnering with coastal organizations to take part in the Coast Watch program. We are always looking for new opportunities to fulfill our mission. If you have an idea of a workshop, activity, or fund raising event, please contact us and we will consider your proposal.


President: Rachel Lertora (lertorar@oregonstate.edu)
Vice President: Lizz Duhn (duhne@oregonstate.edu)
Treasurer: Alexander Saucedo (sauceale@oregonstate.edu)
Secretary: Victoria Kee (keev@oregonstate.edu)
TCS Liaison: Alec Youngblood (youngbla@oregonstate.edu)
Communications Director: James Neeley (neeleyj@oregonstate.edu)

Faculty advisor: Scarlett Arbuckle (scarlett.arbuckle@oregonstate.edu)

Chapter News and Events

Special Facebook Live Broadcast

Oregon State University TCS Student Chapter hosting TCS Facebook Live Broadcast on August 19, 2017 at 2:00PM PST from special eclipse celebration lecture. View from the Coast: During the eclipse, a vast network of sensors on oceanographic moorings off the Oregon Coast will be measuring its effect on the ocean through tides. Hear from oceanographer/professor Jonathan Fram about how bioacoustic sonars will measure fish and the zooplankton they eat, while other sensors will detect how the eclipse affects light and temperature at the sea surface.